Hughes Health & Rehabilitation

Caring for loved ones, family style

Meet Our Family of Caregivers

More than 200 employees call Hughes Health & Rehabilitation home.  Some have spent 5, 10, 20, even 30 years of their professional lives caring for others at Hughes.

Our staff is a devoted group of trained and dedicated nursing, rehabilitation and medical professionals who provide an environment conducive to the resident’s recovery. 

Let us introduce you to some of them


As a Registered Nurse who is the Infection Control Coordinator at Hughes, Gary’s focus is to help make a positive impact on residents with compromised health issues.  Gary’s over 25 years at Hughes has included taking care of many residents, including his own grandmother.  His long-term career at Hughes has meant a lot to Gary.  “I’ve been at Hughes longer than any other place I’ve worked,” says Gary.  “Hughes is like home, and many of the staff have worked here for as long as I.”


“Hughes feels like home,” says Christina, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  For more than 20 years, Christina has come to know and care for many residents of Hughes.  “They need my help and to be there for them is what makes my job special.”  Christina also likes working alongside dedicated, caring CNAs and other Hughes employees.  “This togetherness works at Hughes,” says Christina.


“Working at Hughes is so special because of the family atmosphere,” says Richard, a more than 15-year employee at Hughes.  As a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Richard gets to interact with Hughes’ residents which, according to Richard, is the best part of his job.  As an LPN, Richard works in tandem with many associates, and finds the caring staff a main reason why he has enjoyed his time at Hughes.


For 11 years Amy has served as a Nursing Supervisor and has come to treasure the wonderful times at Hughes.  “My fondest memories are of all the laugher and times of joy with everyone here at Hughes — from baby showers thrown for me by my co-workers to discussing baseball games with our residents.  It’s truly a pleasant atmosphere at Hughes,” says Amy. 


“I’ve met so many special people here who have made a difference in my life,” says Oksana about her 20 years at Hughes.  A Licensed Practical Nurse, Oksana likes helping the residents and making a difference in their lives.  “Hughes feels like a second home to me,” says Oksana.


Pat is a Therapeutic Recreation and Certified Nursing Assistant at Hughes.  For more than 20 years, Pat has worked closely with Hughes residents, providing everything from cognitive and musical activities to dancing with them!  “I’ve enjoyed working at Hughes for all these years because of the pleasant, helpful and kind staff I work with,” says Pat.  “The administrators at Hughes treat all the staff members as family, and that makes working here so special.”


As a Cook at Hughes for more than 20 years, Beverly knows first-hand how appreciative people are  of her efforts. “The family atmosphere at Hughes, especially when everyone is enjoying the food at the Holiday Party, makes this a wonderful place to work,” says Beverly.


Being available for the residents every day makes working at Hughes special, says Anna.  And her efforts do not go unnoticed.  “My fondest memory at Hughes was when a family member called me an angel for taking care of her mom.  That was amazing,” says Anna.


As a Certified Nursing Assistant for more than 20 years at Hughes, Stephanie has built strong relationships with the residents.  “Seeing their faces light up when they know it’s me is the best part of my job,” says Stephanie.  “The way they greet me when I arrive for work is very special.”


For more than 20 years, Rosemarie has served as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Therapy Aide at Hughes, and she acknowledges the respectful, grateful atmosphere for her longevity.  “The commitment shown to residents and employees makes working at Hughes seem like a family,” says Rosemarie.  “And to see your name mentioned by a resident’s family in an obituary is very meaningful.”